I don’t care whether you’re in a relationship or not. I care that you’re happy. My goal is not to get you in a relationship. My goal is to help you be the happiest human you can possibly be.

In 1814 the British burned the US Capitol and destroyed the Congressional Library. Jefferson generously offered his entire collection. The funny thing about the internet is it is given us more access but it’s made life a lot more complicated.

We have so many different sources of information. We read, I think, more superficially. You know the difference with a book is you pick up a book and you actually very often you read cover to cover so you go deep on an issue.

Now, you guys have to educate me about why Washington DC is the worst place to live and date about why men suck here. And why it’s just harder here than anywhere else. A lot of people here are from out of town and when they come here they just will work. And it’s hard to have long term dating with these people because it’s like they’re here temporarily. What’s the stereotypical guy in DC like? Maybe very career-oriented, but going in his social settings he’s just trying to like find someone who can help him get up on a social ladder. “I don’t want to hang out with someone who’s trying to be Mr. President. Going to hang out with the guy I want to connect with him. I don’t I don’t care about your career… they only got very serious because well I’m actually ON my career path.

Some people are like, sure, they want something serious and substantial but they can’t find that so then everyone’s like oh I’m cool that I’m cool.

You know what happens? You’ll justify yourself.

I’ve been dating someone for the past month last week with very text heavy and I thought I was just going to lose my mind because the text day just makes the whole connection kind of dissipate and dampens things and I sat there and I think I was hesitant to like speak up out of fear that I might upset him or Bob whatever but then I was just like I don’t even care anymore so I just I was just like I’m sorry….

He responded back and sad we need to change that right away so that was very helpful.

That’s transformational for a relationship. All of the little ways that you can frame your relationship in the way that you want.

What ruins people’s lives is when they keep ignoring little opportunities to do that. Relationships generally speaking aren’t
ruined by huge actions — most of the time relationships are ruined by ignoring the moments where you could make it better.

I guarantee that you’ll still go home tonight you’ll be like “yeah”.