Your soul contracts can answer this and many other questions


Whether it’s an old flame coming back around, a current relationship you aren’t so sure about, or a potential partner you haven’t dated yet, one of the most common questions people have is, are we meant to be together?

A good way to explore a romantic relationship, past, present, or potential is to look into the soul contract for the union. This will show the soul agreements that are in place and can give a lot of insight into the relationship.

I have been an intuitive reader for over twenty years and have read more soul contracts than I can count. The reason why is they are always tied to our connections with others. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is on the topic of love. Here are some of the things I have learned through the course of my practice.

What is a Soul Contract?

Soul Contracts are an agreement made between two souls before incarnating. They contain a main goal and lessons that the two wish to accomplish through their connection. For this discussion, I will only be referring to soul contracts regarding romantic relationships, but we do have contracts with family and friends as well.

Due to free will, there is some wiggle room in how a soul contract plays out. If all goes well, free will is aligned with the soul goals for the relationship. Both people make choices that lead them to the union. Throughout the relationship the two work on the goal and lessons of the soul contract and for the most part, things are harmonious.

What Happens When a Soul Contract isn’t Honored?

There are times, in most of our lives, when things don’t go as our soul intended. When free will affects a soul contract adversely, it can alter:

Whether or not you even meet up in this lifetime- Will both parties make the decisions required for a meeting to happen? If you are both in alignment with soul intentions, yes, if not, it can delay or alter the path.

Whether you are both on the same page– A lot of the time one partner is there ready and waiting but the other one is behind. This can be due to one partner being more clear about love, having healed from past wounds and generally being more ready and open for love. Or it can mean that one partner is single and the other one isn’t.

Whether you are both available to carry out your side of the contract– You may have met, and become a couple so you are on the same page up to a point. Yet, just being in a relationship doesn’t mean everything is set. When one person in the union isn’t available in some way, if they have blocks or a wall up, the goal and lessons of the soul contract are hard, if not impossible to meet.

This is the wiggle room I spoke of, even though there is a contract it can feel as if things aren’t going the way they are meant to, and they aren’t in some cases.

How Soul Contracts Factor into Love

Am I meant to be with my ex?

If an old flame returns, it can feel like there is unfinished business and often this is because there is a soul contract in place that did not get realized.

The other person may have blocks, or a wall up that prevents them from completing the contract. They may cheat, use substances, or make their partner such a low priority that there can be little hope of a contract being fulfilled. Other times they may simply be immature, not ready, or need to heal from past experiences.

Move slowly and cautiously, while having unfinished soul contract business will be a strong pull, you want to make certain that they have actually changed. Change is possible, I am a big believer in change, but I also have seen how for many, it just isn’t something they are truly interested in doing. They make external, surface changes, but deep down they are the same. If you go slowly, you can get a feel for what your ex is offering, more of the same or a fresh start.

Am I with the right partner?

While it’s likely you have a soul contract with this person, two things may be happening if you are asking this question. One, you may be in the situation described in the soul contracts section, where one person isn’t carrying out their side of the agreements, and in that case, the contract/relationship can stall.

While in reality the contract is done and you have overstayed the soul’s intentions by months or even years. If it feels like it isn’t working, take some time to connect with your heart, and really listen to what you get. Sometimes we stay in relationships we know deep down are over because there is something in ourselves, we need to heal, so inner reflection can help a lot here.

If neither one of these apply, it can be that your soul contract is still active and you are living out the goals and lessons within it. As long as you feel safe in the relationship and are willing to continue it, you can rest assured you are with the right partner.

Is the person I am interested in right for me?

In the case of someone new, there is a good chance you have a soul contract but make sure to observe how you feel about them. Go in with eyes wide open, people will usually behave in a way that is telling about themselves early on but we may want so badly to meet “the one” that we ignore the red flags and close our eyes tight hoping for the best. While other times, happily, they are the right match and a healthy relationship can occur!

Love itself is beautiful, through it we have the potential to heal, practice kindness and compassion, and most importantly to our soul, express love. Some romantic relationships are meant to be stepping stones, that help us learn and grow so that we can more fully express who we are in all areas of life.

Other relationships are stabilizing forces in our lives, long-lasting and solid. There is no right or wrong, love is unique and we are meant to experience it without templates, comparison to others, or any preconceived notions we might carry about how love is supposed to look.

Love is a natural occurrence on a soul level and that is why we want to find it, whether it is through romance, self-love, or family and friends. Love is who we are, when we let down barriers, outdated beliefs, fears, and the like, it is who we can truly be each and every day.