Do you find the topic of women perplexing? You’re not alone. Men have been writing about women since Aristotle first penned his theories on Eve more than two thousand years ago, and there’s still a lot we don’t know about them.

One thing for sure is that men love female behavior more than anything else. Needless to say, there are certain behaviors that guys love more than others.

Below are some of the top female behaviors that men love more than anything else.

1. She is a great cook

Cooking is a skill that few women have, and even fewer want to learn. This is unfortunate because cooking, when done right, can be a demonstration of affection and love for your man.

When you go to serious lengths to prepare him coffee in the morning, or prepare him a great dinner before he goes to work, it shows him that you care for his happiness more than your own comfort. In most cases, men appreciate this gesture from their wives more than just about anything else they could do.

2. She is good at her job

If you are a woman who’s married to a man, you really need to do something about your career. Men love working women. It shows them that their wives are serious about putting their best foot forward in life, and they appreciate this quality more than anything else they can see in you.

For instance, if your marriage is doing terribly, but you are working hard at your job or business to make money for the family, he’ll come around eventually.

3. She is smart

Speaking of your work, if your spouse sees that you’re smart at it, he’ll be impressed by your ability to excel. In his mind, he sees you as a great investment because you make him look better, and if he sees you as a great investment, he’ll surely love you more.

4. She is humorous

In spite of the fact that men are typically more serious than women, they actually appreciate it when their wives are funny. A woman who can laugh at herself is naturally attractive to her man, and this is one of the female behaviors that men love more than anything else.

5. She cares for others before herself

If you’ve got somebody in your life who cares about everyone but herself, then she’ll be very attractive to all her male friends. If she’s able to be useful to her friends in any way, this is a great quality to have.

6. She’s careful about her appearance

It’s no secret that men love beautiful women. The more beautiful you are, the more he’ll love you. This needs no explanation, but if you’re not beautiful enough for him, don’t worry because there are other ways to get his attention. If he sees that you look good even when you’re dressed down, it will make him think even harder about how wonderful your marriage is going.

7. She’s confident

A woman who knows how beautiful she is is always attractive to men. If you simply walk down the streets like you own the place, he’ll love you more than anything else.

8. She cares for him deeply

If your man loves you deeply, it will make him feel that he’s not just another person in your life, but rather that he’s special. He’ll love that more than anything else in this world. Just remember, men are simple creatures when it comes to emotions, so if he sees that you care enough about him to follow him around everywhere without complaint, this is what he wants in a wife.

9. She’s professional in her dealings with others

When you’re in the company of men, you should always remember that you are one of the guys. If you are not afraid to make fun of yourself or talk about any flaw of your own, he’ll love the feeling of camaraderie it brings him.

10. She’s loyal

Loyalty is one of the most important female behaviors that men love more than anything else, and it applies to both partners equally. Your husband will never want to leave if he sees that no matter what happens, you’re always there waiting for him back home.

11. She’s calm in times of crisis

If you are the “rock” of your family, he’ll love you more for it. Women are usually more prone to losing it when things get tough, but if you’re able to be very rational and level-headed during tough times, this will make him feel like he can depend on you in all situations.

12. She takes care of herself physically and emotionally

There is no greater satisfaction for a male than seeing his wife shine with confidence and health. A man loves it when his wife looks sexy and cares enough about herself to be healthy and energetic at work or play, so if you can manage to do that, he’ll love you forever.

13. She’s patient

If you play the role of the calm, rational wife who gives him time to let off steam when he comes home, he’ll appreciate it more than anything else. Men are simple creatures, and they don’t want to feel like they have to do all the emotional work in a relationship.

14. She makes compromises for him

Men are less concerned with winning all arguments than women are. If you find that you’re the only one fighting your battles out loud, consider doing just enough for him to feel that he has won an argument with you instead of throwing his words right back at him. This is one of the female behaviors that men love more than anything else.

15. She is dedicated to their relationship

If your man sees that you are committed to making the marriage work, he’ll appreciate it more than anything else you could ever give him. It shows him that you are willing to make great efforts for his happiness, and this makes him feel loved.

If you want to make your man love you more, the only thing you’ll need to do is change your lifestyle for him. You need to show him that he is by far the most important person in your life, and then he’ll definitely appreciate it.

Joseph A. Cornacchia