Are you missing someone now?

If you are willing, I will always love you. If you are not willing, I will always miss you.

Love is something mysterious, some people will choose to take it for themselves, some people will choose to hide it in their hearts.

Many people don’t know how to deal with emotional matters. This kind of unruly thing is like a cat chasing a laser red dot, deeply fascinated, but can’t control it in the palm.

Love is presumptuous and restrained. Every link and every element in real life is involved. Everyone can’t get rid of everything on their own.

Those who truly love you, and those who know how to cherish you, tend to appear calmer. That’s why many people always like someone in their hearts, but they can avoid contacting each other actively.

The reasons for this situation are mostly the following three reasons.

Fear of interruption, fear of loss

In today’s society, all kinds of love are exposed in the online world. There is laughter and slapstick love, the love of ordinary companionship, the love of enthusiasm, and the love of tranquility.

No matter what kind of love it is, it is the truest appearance of love. Because love cannot be defined in the first place. For a person, if love is the final family member, then miss is the first thing.

If you truly love a certain person, there is always a vacancy in your heart that belongs to the longing, and this longing is full of everything that belongs to that person. To truly love a person is not just about personal feelings, he will take care of that person’s feelings and consider the other person in every possible way.

If you miss this person and don’t actively contact the other person, what he thinks in his heart is that he doesn’t want to disturb the other person.

It is precise because of this kind of heart that led to the choice to use distance to keep watch.

To put it simply, it is worrying about inappropriate behavior, words, and deeds, causing the other person to turn around. This fear of interruption and fear of loss occupies the majority in women’s psychology, while men occupy the minority.

Willing to be a “gypsophila”, willing to guard

“Gypsophila” flower meaning: willing to be a supporting role.

Someone is willing to be a supporting role because you are his protagonist. In his world, you occupy an extremely important part of the scene, and his life has become colorful because of your participation. It is his heart’s willingness to guard and accompany him silently.

In his heart, as long as you have a good life, he will be at ease. Even if the two did not achieve love in the end, they would be each other’s confidantes.

For this kind of “gypsophila”, they understand that feelings cannot be forced, and they also understand that feelings require time and opportunities. This kind of silent love is the bass sound of many love movements. Although it is deep in the movement, it is rich in the movement.

Therefore, if you have to fight for a result of love, you may lose out in the end; the willingness of guarding, hiding the goodness of your heart in your heart, is also a good way.

A person who misses you but does not take the initiative to contact you may be that he chooses to obey his heart and is willing to guard you. After all, you are the flower that blooms in his heart.

Know the gap between each other, know how to avoid injury

Compared with the regrets and sorrows that cannot be loved, people are more willing to accept the cherished of mutual recognition. This is also a common way to avoid risks in the search for love.

I love you, but the gap between us is obvious, which will lead to a feeling that love is unavailable and not lasting. Regarding the risks that have been identified, each person’s approach is how to avoid them and minimize their harm. Because many people feel that love is not independent, and love can be tolerant.

Although I miss you, I don’t take the initiative to contact you, it may be because of the gap between each other. Choosing to look far and avoid injury is the helplessness of this person’s self-acceptance.

Therefore, some feelings may follow the trend, and some feelings are not to be tried.

A person who misses you but does not take the initiative to contact you may be because he is afraid of disturbing you, and even more afraid of losing you due to sudden concern. Maybe he firmly believes that “there must be repercussions”, and finally he is willing and silently guarding For you. It may also mean knowing the gap between you and choosing helpless avoidance in love.

Regardless of the reason, life goes back and forth along the trajectory of time. Every day is different and overlaps. Just wait for the flowers to bloom and die!

Joseph A. Cornacchia