6 Signs That Tell You She’s A Keeper

Here’s the deal: just because you’re really infatuated with someone doesn’t immediately mean she’s the One.

People tend to overlook important lifetime-partner qualities because they’re too smitten. And we get it. Sometimes everything just flies over our heads whenever we’re in love. At least it’s like that for those who are just starting out their relationship.

But for those who have been together for a long time and have been thinking about settling down, it’s not an easy decision. Marrying someone is a big change. It’s not something you just decide overnight. You not only have to think about what it will mean for you and your future, but you also have to think carefully if your partner is legitimately the one you want to spend your entire life with.

First, ask yourself these questions: “Is she the One?”, “Should I marry her?” and “Will she be a great wife and mother to my kids?”

Once you’ve answered those questions yourself, see if she ticks off any of the following:

1. Openly communicating and respecting each other’s sexual needs

If you’ve gone to the point of not hesitating or getting embarrassed over specific requests while in bed, good. No couple can be totally in sync but if you both know what to do to keep each other happy, then you know you’ve got something great going on with her.

2. You find yourself caring about things she cares about and vice versa

Do you find yourself thinking about what color lipstick is great for certain skin color, even though you personally don’t care for them? Did you notice she has a certain fondness for a hobby you’ve never even given a second thought to but almost immediately tried to learn for her?

When you really love someone, you tend to care for the things she cares about too. And if she also starts to talk about classic sneakers or Nascar racing even though she had no interest in it — you should know that she’s doing it for you too.

3. You are each other’s priority

From the big things to the little ones, you might be making decisions or asking questions with her in mind. Like asking her if she wants fries even if you yourself aren’t up for it. Or making decisions knowing what she likes already or what’s good for her, almost neglecting your own needs.

4. Saying sorry (and meaning it)

You’d be surprised by how many people actually refuse or have a hard time saying “I’m sorry” to their partner. It could be a pride thing or they just haven’t really thought about being the one in the wrong.

But if you truly love someone, you can easily put yourself in her shoes and feel horrible for upsetting her.

So you apologize sincerely.

Not a lot of people do that and mean it. Some just say it to get the conversation and entire topic over with.

The best part, though, is that if she loves you just as much as you love her, she will graciously forgive you.

5. Being able to talk to her about your problems

Because we tend to trust the ones we care about the most — especially those that we have been with for such a long time — it isn’t really much of a surprise how easy it is to talk to them. And because they know you too well, you know they won’t judge you for whatever you have to rant to them about.

They might not have a solution to every problem you tell them, but you can bet that your partner will be there to lend an ear and just be there when you need them.

6. When long term fantasies become clearer

Once you realize that picturing a future with her has become too detailed in your head, it becomes more than just a fantasy. It’s now a possible thing that could happen.

Other things start to take root in you too. Such as:

  • Wanting to be better for her
  • Being comfortable when you’re with her
  • Wanting to look your best for her
  • Daydreaming about her and then smiling
  • Wanting to tell her your exciting stories
  • Other women aren’t as attractive anymore
  • Your friends’ dating stories are sad to you

And then there’s her. If she also starts to feel the same way you are, she will be the following:

  • She’s excited to hear your stories
  • Have her very own love language with you
  • She tries her best to look perfect for you
  • She verbally tells you you’re attractive and appreciates your effort in trying to look better
  • She accepts you, even your worst flaws
  • She’s comfortable being around you too

These pictures in your head are your gut telling you that you have something special going on. Trust your instincts, they never lie. These fantasies will become reality if you do something about it.

The bottom line: Take Action

Finding out if she truly is a keeper and is the one you are looking for shouldn’t come from an article. It should come from you. But if this helps you realize some things, all the better.

But ultimately, you need to decide. Because just because she’s a keeper doesn’t mean she is going to be there forever. That will depend a lot on whether or not you have the guts to take it to the next level.

Once you find the keeper, don’t let analysis paralysis get in the way. Strike while the iron is hot. Start your commitment early.

Not everyone is fortunate to find someone they can consider as “keepers.” Especially in this day and age. Letting go of one normally proves to be something people regret the most in their lives. So don’t make this a case of “the one who got away.”

Don’t wait for happiness to come to you. Your happiness could be out there doing the same thing. Take action and go find it. What have you got to lose?

Joseph A. Cornacchia