Love is the most powerful force in the cosmos because it connects the unseen with the apparent.

We all want to find the perfect relationship, a companion who brings us joy in life, where we can find harmony and inner peace, someone who inspires us to grow, motivates, supports, and leads us.

Perhaps you are in a wonderful relationship and believe that you have already discovered your soulmate by living together, creating a family, and fulfilling certain aspirations.

However, love is a bodily sensation that is useless until it can transcend, grow, and convert itself into energy.

Love is powerful

The word “soulmate” typically refers to someone with whom you have powerful chemistry. Soulmates, according to certain spiritual belief systems, are persons with whom you have shared past-life experiences.

While it is doubtless controversial that there is such a thing as a literal soulmate, everybody truly wants to find someone who understands them.

Do I Already Know My Soulmate?

It has certainly occurred to you saw a person from the first moment on, that you felt you knew him your whole life as a mystical link.

Spiritual experts explain that this connection is because they may have met some previous life.

You should know your soulmate might be someone other than a romantic relationship; it could be your closest friend, a partner, or even your pet.

You know you’ve found your soulmate when:

Soulmates often seem dressed up.

Maybe, when you first meet, you may not be physically attracted, but there is a strange power that is driving you ahead and telling you this is “the right one.”

People claim that, when you meet your soulmate, there’re no signs, no strings, no enormous signs stating “here is your soulmate” There’s no big signal.

It is vital to delve deeper and comprehend what we want and seek because the proper vibrations are produced and they attract the ideal partner.

You need to know that our lifetime changes, and therefore, our requirements change. This is another reason we constantly have to listen to our souls.

It is possible to recognize if this person is standing before you by various signals and situations: Here are 7 signs on how to identify your soulmate:

#1 When You Touch Them You Feel Something Magical.

It’s as if an electric charge runs through your body from head to toe, connecting you to their whole being.

You feel in peace and harmony.

Calm and affection fully flood you. A caress or a simple hug from your soulmate wraps your spirit in a spiral of well-being, and it will remain that way even after many years of partnership.

A bond between souls is ancient — older than the planet.

— Dianna Hardy

You feel just right… The butterflies in the stomach are still intact and the spark of the relationship never deteriorates.

#2 You Both Have A Shared Vision Of The Future.

When it comes to soulmate signals, this one is massive and unmistakable.

Even if you have all the other soulmate indicators, if you and your partner don’t share a common vision for the future, you may not end up together.

If your ambition is to live a flashy life in a major city, but your partner prefers a peaceful, family life in a small town, you will struggle to make your relationship work while being happy in the long run.

To live a life you both like, you must first agree on what that life would include. When you meet your soulmate, you will both agree on the type of life you want to establish together, and you will be eager to get started.

#3 You Feel Comfortable Around Each Other.

Many soulmates would state the first signs they had met their soulmate were the comfort they felt in their connection.

Soulmates will discover that they have never felt safer in opening up to someone and expressing their genuine selves, even amid the emotional whirlwind of falling in love.

Soulmates like their partner’s peculiarities and eccentricities and feel tremendous empathy for the flaws and vulnerabilities they can display

This makes it simpler for you to open yourself to each other since you both feel comfortable knowing that you are loved.

We meet our soulmates when we’re on our soul path.

— Karen M. Black

#4 Coincidences and Synchronicities.

Coincidences and mystical and enigmatic touch frequently surrounded the meeting of two soulmates.

For example, they may meet at an airport waiting lounge due to a flight delay, or they may attend a party to which they were “inadvertently” invited.

Your name, on the other hand, may appear in advertising, as if the universe is giving you signals to find your love.

You may frequently see people that look like your soulmate, or you may relate odd items with them.

#5 You Fight For The Relationship.

There is no exception in the case of soulmates. Soulmates, no matter how close they are, will surely face challenges along the way.

“ The course of true love never did run smooth. “

— William Shakespear.

Even the soulmates will somehow face a crisis that disturbs their foundations regardless of whether troubles with family members, disease, financial issues, or other challenges that individuals have in their life.

One of the most reliable soulmate indicators is how you and your partner handle problems when they happen.

True soulmates will tackle any relationship problem head-on and battle together until the relationship is restored to equilibrium.

#6 You Can Be Apart, But Prefer Being Together.

Soulmates can achieve the appropriate balance between time spent together and time spent apart.

They trust each other and remain close even when they are apart, rather than being plagued by envy or worry.

Even if they are not together, the profound connection between soulmates makes them feel comfortable in their relationship.

One of the major characteristics of souls is to constantly return to each other and catch up right wherever they have left. You also know that you are happy and more content when you enjoy the quality of a couple’s time when you are in a relationship with your soulmate.

#7 Communication Out Of This World.

The completion of any long-term relationship may be ascribed to the ability not just for clear but honest communication.

This conversation is authentic. Nothing is disguised, and no dishonesty is obvious. Nothing is hidden.

This allows your partner to be open and vulnerable. It takes practice, sometimes, but soulmates are professionals in these topics.

It is vital for soulmates to communicate their needs and to realize that there are many various kinds of communication.

The Soulmate Theory by Paulo Coelho.

In his book, Brida, released in 1990, the great Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, one of the world’s widely read, referred to the subject of soulmates.

Therein, a young Irish woman recalls her past life and meets the two men who have always loved her and are also her soulmates.

The planets, the stars, the cells, and the spirit of the universe (named Ánima Mundi), began to disaggregate at the beginning of the time, according to the hypothesis stated by Paulo Coelho in the book.

Each soul is divided into two halves, one female and one male, which will meet again.

Ánima Mundi has a very specific technique of putting its components back together again to avoid weakening as a result of its continual division: discovering them again via love.

Consequently, people go on a mission at least once in their lifetime to discover their other half.

Only then will they be able to feel whole, regardless of how much power, money, or wisdom they acquire.

Joseph A. Cornacchia