They are signs she’s not interested in you.

Some girls play hard to get.

One reason they do it is probably because they don’t want to appear too cheap. Guys who know this trait about girls may not want to give up easily when they are chasing a lady.

Another reason ladies play too hard is because they are not interested in the guy.

A guy can waste so much time and resources chasing a lady, thinking the lady loves him, but she doesn’t want to show it yet. Only to find out in the end that she didn’t have feelings for him. This can be very distressing and disappointing for guys.

Do ladies show they are not interested in you when you chase them?

Sometimes ladies can make it known to you if they are not into you. They will just tell you directly that it will not work out between the two of you. The guy can then decide if he will stop chasing or continue chasing after her. He will live with the outcome.

At other times, ladies may not directly tell you they don’t have feelings for you. But, it shows in her actions.

The truth is this, most times all the clues are right there in front of you, but you don’t acknowledge them because you are so focused on the prize.

Conscious observation of their actions and responses will prove to you they are not interested in you.

In order to avoid wasting your precious time and resources, it’s important you know when she’s actually interested in you, but she’s just playing hard to get and when she’s not interested in you at all.

Here are the signs she’s not interested in you.

There are obvious signs she’s not interested in you. And your ability to read and interpret these signs is very crucial to avoid disappointment in the end.

1. She doesn’t enjoy your conversation with her.

When you have attempted severally to win her attention, yet she doesn’t enjoy conversation with you, it’s a good sign she’s not interested in you.

Either you’re calling or texting, when it looks as though you are the only one trying hard to keep the conversation going and her responses are always short and direct to the point, it’s a sign she’s bored and also she is just not into you.

2. Always giving excuses

You ask her out for a date, dinner, or any other engagement. She is always giving excuses of why she couldn’t show up.

If she doesn’t return your calls or reply to your texts, and each time you ask why, she gives you the excuse that she’s always very busy.

Giving excuses is a sign she’s not interested in you.

A lady that loves you will always make time for you

No matter how “busy” a person is, if they really care, they will always find time for you.

– Anonymous

3. She doesn’t laugh at your jokes

If a girl is not interested in you, you can crack all the funniest jokes in the world, but it won’t make her laugh.

Sometimes, she may just laugh casually so that you may feel encouraged. She doesn’t want it to appear as though you are completely wasting your time.

If a girl is interested in you, even a boring joke makes her laugh. She gives you the impression that you are the funniest person on earth.

4. She doesn’t give a damn about you.

When you chase a lady, that’s interested in you for a while, then you decide not to call or text her for a period, she will certainly be bothered why you have neither been calling nor texting her. She will definitely call you to find out how you doing and check out on you to find out what’s going on with you.

When you intentionally ignore a lady that has feelings for you, after chasing her for a long while without positive responses, she will practically be the one doing the chasing, knowingly or unknowingly, to her. Something in her that genuinely loves you will start missing you. This is a good sign she’s interested in you, too.

If she doesn’t give a damn whether you ask after her, you call or text her for a long time. She’s not interested in you.

5. She talks about her man every single time.

If she tells you she loves her man so much and doesn’t want to cheat on her and she talks so much about him when you are having a conversation with her, she doesn’t want you. She loves her man. Stop wasting your time.

6. If she tells you she doesn’t love you.

While some ladies may not be direct to the point because perhaps they don’t want to hurt your feelings, others ladies are direct to the point.

If she tells you she doesn’t have feelings for you, she’s definitely right! She doesn’t love you. Stop chasing after her.

Joseph A. Cornacchia