For me,

Friendship is that I can trust to be a burden on you and that you’ll trust me to bring your burdens to me too.

That we’ll always look out for and want the best for one another even in our most selfish moments.

That you’ll hold my secrets and confide in me with yours and our happy moments will be shared with friendly envy.

That I can ask you about things I don’t know and you don’t feel shy to admit ignorance to me.

That our arguments are respectful and forgiveness is easy.

That we are a safe space for each other, even in our silence and distance.

That I can expose my insecurities to you and you can tell me tales laced with bitterness towards others.

That I have no fear what you think of me and I constantly provide assurance with truth and flattery for you.

Friendship is tolerating my irritation, while I ignore your irrationality.

It’s bending my back to make you happy because you have always stood by me.

It’s telling ourselves the empathetic truth and sharing ruthless advice.

It’s finding humor in the darkest of things because we know our souls are good.

It’s respecting our differences and admitting our biases.

It’s our seasonal inside jokes.

Friendship for me is offering any help you can without me asking and my constant service to you without a need for your appreciation.

You know that mindless point where we know our favorite things and our pet peeves without going out on any dates.

Friendship is love. And friendship has no end.

Joseph A. Cornacchia