“The worst feeling in the world is being hurt by someone you love” Anonymous

“Never hurt people who love you a lot, because they won’t hurt you back. But they’ll probably have no choice but to leave you forever ….” Anonymous

When a lady is truly in love with you, you will see it in everything she does. She is proud of you; she talks about you to her friends, she’s always excited to hear from you, she wants to be with you.

She practically gives you the key to her heart.

Be very careful the way you treat her. Because you may lose her. Losing her could mean losing an inestimable fortune and you may never get back into her heart again.

1. Never take her for granted

Even the strongest feelings expire when ignored and taken for granted

When you see a lady who truly loves you, don’t take her for granted.

Sometimes, love may be misinterpreted as foolishness or childishness.

She may behave as though she has lost her mind. She may look and act child-like most of the time because she truly loves you.

Someone put it this way:

“Women can be just like kids for love, but that is what love does. It makes her behave like a kid.”

However, never take it as foolishness by taking her for granted.

You are taking her for granted when you do these things to her:

  • When you stop complimenting her.
  • When you no longer give her the attention she deserves.
  • When you no longer seek her opinions.
  • You don’t sacrifice to please her.
  • When you call or text her only when you want something from her.
  • When you are no longer proud to show her off to your friends.
  • You don’t listen to her anymore when she talks.
  • You don’t value and appreciate her when she does something for you.

All these are signs you are taking her for granted. And when you treat her in this manner, you are indirectly hurting her and the love she has for you dwindles until she can no longer take it anymore.

2. Never play with her feelings.

William Shakespeare said it best:

Never play with the feelings of others. Because you may win the game, but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a lifetime.

Ladies can be very emotional, don’t play games with their emotions.

Some guys do not understand that it’s not every girl around them they should have a romantic relationship with. There are some of them that are just meant to be your friends with no strings attached.

You guys will be good as friends and nothing more. When you take it beyond that level and take it to the stage of romance, later you will find out that you were never meant to be. And by then, a lot of hurts have been done. She won’t take it likely and may you lose her friendship forever.

  • Never tell a lady you love her because you want to satisfy your immediate sexual urge. Look for other legitimate means to satisfy your urge.
  • Never tell a lady you love her because she looks beautiful. Beauty is too weak a reason to love someone. Beautiful can fade away with time.
  • Never tell a lady you love her because you are lonely. When you are lonely, go get something else that will give you joy and satisfaction to cure your loneliness, not someone’s heart.
  • Never tell a lady you love her because she confides in you and shares her challenges with you, and she appears venerable.
  • Never tell a lady you love her because you are in a position to help her.

From the beginning, tell her exactly what you want. Don’t play games or gimmicks with her feelings. Stop playing with someone’s heart. You can never tell the decree of hurts you can do to her.

3. Don’t make her a punching bag.

“He hadn’t hit her in several years, but when you’ve been beaten, you never forget it. The bruises go away but the scars remain, deep, hidden, raw. You stay beaten. It takes a real coward to beat a woman.”

— John Grisham

Nobody is totally free from flaws. Everyone has flaws. That you are in love with someone does not mean there won’t be conflicts sometimes.

No matter what the problem is, hitting and beating up your partner is never a good way to resolve conflicts. You can’t beat a woman to obey and respect you. She’s not your subject. She will hate you for it. You only complicate things when you do so.

The reason you have more physical strength than her is not to beat her, but to protect her against threats and danger.

When you feel so tempted to hit her, while you guys are quarreling, just walk away from that place. Look for something else to do until your anger subsides. Don’t do anything you will regret later.

4. Never place another girl above her.

She doesn’t like it when you place another woman above her. She feels hurt when you treat another woman better than her.

You demean her when you give another woman more attention than her. You devalue her when you speak so much of another woman and say less of her. Don’t compare her with another woman.

Make your partner your priority in your life. Let her feel comfortable and valuable. Make her feel you are so proud and lucky to have her. Make her feel important. She will love you for it.

Treat her like a queen and she’ll treat you like a king. Treat her like a game and she’ll show you how it’s played. – Unknown

Treat her the way you expect she should treat you and she will reciprocate it even more!

5. Never cheat on your woman

“The worst kind of hurt is betrayal because it means someone was willing to hurt just to make themselves feel important.”

— Anonymous

Never betray the trust of a woman who truly loves you. You are going to hurt her feelings, and she may find it difficult to forgive you. Even if she forgives, you may not gain back her trust again. You have only cheated yourself out of loyalty.

If she cheated on you, you won’t feel good about it, so what makes you think she doesn’t deserve your faithfulness to her. Be faithful to your partner. It pays in the long run.

Faithfulness to one partner helps you to be more focused. You won’t be wasting unnecessary energy and resources on other women.

You won’t have to be telling lies to cover up things and be living in fear and anxiety. It helps your mind to be at peace. Your partner will love you more and respect you for it.

Final Thought

The worst feeling in the

world is being hurt by

someone you love.

Treat your woman the way you expect her to treat you and she will reciprocate it even more.

Thanks for reading

Joseph A. Cornacchia