Stop doing these things to guys, they don’t forget it

There are things some ladies do to guys careless. Unknowingly to them, guys never forget them. Those wrong acts live on in their memories.

Those things usually result in conflict. Both of you may quarrel, sometimes fight about it. In the end, you ask for forgiveness. Perhaps he says, I forgive you. Yes, he has forgiven you. However, forgiveness doesn’t mean he has forgotten it. Eventually, he is going to use it against you. That’s the bitter truth!

Ladies should understand while they are emotional beings, guys are, on the other hand, are not exactly like them, guys are rational beings. They think over issues thoroughly and arrive at conclusions.

Here is the list of things you should never do to a guy as a lady:

1. Cheating

Guys hate being cheated on. They don’t take it. If they are truly serious with you or they are planning to be serious with you and realize you are cheating on them, this is a major turnoff for them.

This may not end the relationship immediately, but it has been registered in his subconscious mind. That picture will take a very long time to be erased, if at all it is going to be erased.

What if he’s doing it to me too?’ You may ask.

Don’t treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are. – Anonymous

He’s doing it to you doesn’t mean you should pay him back by cheating on him. You can’t use one wrong act to correct another wrong act. There are constructive ways you can correct that, not by cheating on him.

This is not about some gender superiority, no. It’s about intelligence, it’s about self-respect, it’s about the value you place on yourself and the relationship!

What if he doesn’t find out? You may ask.

My question is, what if he later finds out? That may be the end of that relationship. You may think you’re being smart, but you can’t keep it forever. He may eventually find out someday.

2. Comparison

Comparing him with some other guys that are apparently doing better than them hurts him greatly.

Guys are ego beings. When you compare him to other guys doing better than him, you are deflating his ego. He’s going to feel terrible, and he’s going to hate you for constantly doing that.

This same thing led me to break up with my first girlfriend. She never stopped complaining and comparing me with my friend and some other guys who were doing better than I was.

I was working in a private clinic after graduation, and my salary was not much then. However, I was doing my best to take good care of her. Perhaps, my best wasn’t enough, but I was doing my best. I just left school then. I was trying to save up some money to execute the business plan I had. Instead of encouraging me, she never did. She rather complained and started comparing. At a point, I could not take it anymore. That was how the relationship ended.

Key points:

  • Don’t compare him with your ex
  • Don’t compare him with his friends
  • Don’t compare him with his father
  • Don’t just compare him to anyone doing better than them.

3. Underrate

Stop underrating him. Under any circumstances should you underrate your man. He will never forget it.

If you devalue him because he’s poor and he later makes money and he becomes rich, he’s going to payback!

When he buys you a gift, no matter what it is, show him appreciation, and be emotional about this. Tell him you value the gift so much, even if you don’t. smiles!

Key points:

  • Don’t underrate his job
  • Don’t underrate his background
  • Don’t underrate his income
  • Don’t underrate anything of value to him

Instead, applaud him for what he’s doing presently. He will put his best into it. Tell him he’s doing so well. But remind him he can do more. Encourage him and motivate him to do more and he will love you for it.

4. Nagging

Guys naturally do not like ladies that nag. When you are always nagging about anything, he’s going to be fed up in no time.

Better to live on the corner of a roof than sharing a house with a nagging wife.’ — Anonymous

Even if he did something wrong, you shouldn’t result to nagging. There are better ways to resolve conflicts than nagging.

When trying to correct him by nagging, he will never take your correction that way.

The key to a man’s heart, if he must listen to you, is respect. Respectfully, make your points known to him. Guys value respect more than anything else, just give it to them and they will love you for it!

Final thought

If you want him to love and value you, don’t do these to him:

  • Don’t cheat on him
  • Don’t compare him
  • Don’t underrate him
  • Stop nagging.

Thanks for reading.

Joseph A. Cornacchia