Internal Memo: To All Dining Room, Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff At Mar-A-Lago

In light of recent events we will be implementing some changes Notice to all Mar-a-Lago staff: As you are aware, our establishment was recently visited by a group of individuals who removed numerous boxes from the second-floor linen closet, the DJ booth in the bar, and other locations. In spite of what you may haveContinue reading “Internal Memo: To All Dining Room, Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff At Mar-A-Lago”

Five Awkward Conversations That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

You might not WANT to have them, but you SHOULD. What is it that really strengthens relationships? Trust? Yes. Intimacy? Yes. Romance? Yes. Consistent (mutual) effort? Of course. Talking about the hard shit and revealing the secrets that you’ve never told anyone else before? Absolutely. I think this is a big problem with relationships these days — we’re not willing toContinue reading “Five Awkward Conversations That Will Strengthen Your Relationship”

Emotionally Mature Men Enjoy These Seven Benefits

True fulfillment comes from within. “Inner work” has been defined as the psychological and spiritual practice of diving deep into your inner self for the purposes of self-exploration, self-understanding, healing, and spiritual transformation. If you’re one of those logical types who thinks this sounds like a bunch of malarkey, I totally get it. I likeContinue reading “Emotionally Mature Men Enjoy These Seven Benefits”

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